7 Time Saving Expert Excel Tips

Microsoft Excel has so many little known and hardly used features and abilities. These hidden gems can be newly discovered by new Excel users, or can be re-discovered by long-time users who have simply forgotten about them. Often, it’s the simplest feature that can be overlooked or forgotten if not used often enough. Here are some Excel tips to newly discover, or to trigger your memory.

1 – Select All With One Click

One click on the sheet in the top left corner, to the left of the column labels, and just above the row numbers, is a hidden button that selects the whole sheet with one click.

excel tips
Select All With One Click

2 – Ctrl + Tab to Switch Between Workbooks

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Just use Ctrl + Tab to switch between any open workbooks. If you keep holding down the Ctrl key, each click of the Tab displays the next workbook. This comes in handy when you have many workbooks open.

3 – Ctrl + Page Up and Ctrl + Page Down to Switch Between Worksheets

Using Ctrl + Page Up will select the worksheet to the left of the active worksheet. Ctrl + Page Down will select the worksheet to the right of the active worksheet.

4 – Double-Click Sheet Tab to Edit the Name

Double-clicking the name will select the whole name. Just start typing the new name and the old one will be replaced.

5 – Right-click Worksheet Tab for Many Options

Right-clicking on the sheet tab presents a variety of options: inserting a new sheet, deleting the active sheet, renaming the active sheet, moving or copying the active sheet, switch to the VBA editor to edit code for the sheet or anything else, changing the color of the tab, and hiding and unhiding sheets.

Options When Right-Clicking Tab

6 – Quickly Navigate Among Worksheets

If you have a workbook with many worksheets, or if your worksheets have long names, it can be tedious to navigate among them if you can’t see all the tabs. This can also happen if the horizontal scroll bar has been widened and is hiding sheet tabs.

To quickly navigate the worksheets in your workbook, right-click the arrows to the right of the tabs.

Excel tips
Right-click Here to Navigate All Worksheets

This will present a pop-up to let you choose the worksheet you want to switch to.

Excel tips
Worksheet Navigation Pop Up

7 – Quickly Switch Between Formula and Result View

Excel defaults to show the result of formulas in each cell. Sometimes you want to see what the formula in each cell is instead of the result of the formula.

This can be when you want to make sure each formula is correct without having to click in each cell and confirm the formula in the formula bar.

To quickly switch between the two views, all you need to do is use Ctrl + tilde. Tilde is the ~ character, and on the keyboard to the left of the 1 key. Again, to quickly switch back and forth between the two views, hold the Ctrl key down. Then each press of the tilde key will switch the view back and forth.


Here were seven different, quick Excel tips. There are many, many more Excel tips than these. If you have any that you like, let me know.