Formattic Add-in Getting Started Guide

This guide will assist you with installing the Spreadsheet Labs Excel Formattic Add-in.

The Excel Formattic custom number format Add-in is provided as a compressed zip file. Follow these steps to install and activate the add-in:

1 – If you have Excel open, close it.

2 – Unzip the file to a location of your choice.

3 – Copy the formattic.xlam file to the Excel add-in folder. If you need to find the location of the add-in folder on your computer, follow these instructions.

4 – The file may be automatically blocked by Windows, which will prevent it from working. To unblock the file, after you have copied it to the add-in folder location, right-click on it, and then select Properties. Make sure you have the General tab of the Properties dialog box active. If there is a Security section at the bottom of the tab, click the Unblock box as seen below. Then click OK.

add-in security unblock

5 – Open Excel and then click Excel Add-ins on the Developer tab as shown below.

excel add-ins

If you can not see the Developer tab, and need help to enable it, click here for instructions to show it.

6 – On the add-in dialog box, click the box beside Formattic to add a check mark beside it. This will add a group to the Excel Home Ribbon entitled “Formattic” as shown below.

formattic add-in

7 – If you see the following warning, you will need to click the Enable Content button on the bar.

security warning formattic add-in

The Formattic add-in should now be installed and ready for your use.